Italian-Brazilian photographer with an adventurous soul and an elegant heart

My images bring a mix of intensity and delicacy.

I value balance and harmony in life. My photography is about the contemplation of the greatness of things. I am interested in human themes, such as our time on Earth, the individual choices and believes throughout life, and everything related to inner discoveries. The feeling of preserving life, the need for acceptance, and the sense of beauty in its different forms are deeply human characteristics that you may find in my work. I am always interpreting the “real” and translating it into images. In my photographs, both portraits and fashion editorials, the individual is the main subject.

I don’t fit in fixed categories, I photograph with passion, and it could be for fashion Industry, travel Industry, private photo shoot, or a space adventure on the moon.

I am mostly driven by history, design, art, and the culture of different ways of living. My inspirations come from art films, fashion’s history, the Italian way of life (which I truly love), and from the breathtaking places around the world which I had the chance to know.

My eclectic background has blessed me with an unconventional outlook on life. Before getting into photography, I’ve graduated in Sociology with a specialization in Luxury Culture. And after that, I traveled the world, and that was what has shaped my look upon life.


THE DESTINATION I LOVE THE MOST: Italy/ PLACES I LOVE TOO: Buzios (Brazil), Mersouga Desert (Morocco), Tiger’s Nest (Bhutan)/ LOVELY PLACES TO STAY IN ITALY: Palazzina Grassi in Venice, Il Palazzetto in Rome, The Place Firenze in Florence/ THE MUSIC: Lilies of the Valley by Jun Miyake, and all love songs/ FASHION HOUSES: Gucci and Chanel/ A SEAT AT THE TABLE: Dinner at The Restaurant Palazzina Grassi, in Venice / ON MY COFFEE TABLE: History of Beauty by Umberto Eco/ SPORTS HEROE: Roger Federer/ All TIME FAVORITE ARTIST: Michelangelo Buonarroti / PHOTOGRAPHERS I ADMIRE: Annie Leibovitz, Mario Testino, Peter Lindbergh/ THE PERFECT MUSE: Genuine, fearless women/ SCENT OF A PHOTOGRAPHER: Paris-Venise by Chanel/ MY PHOTOGRAPHY GEAR: Nikon Z6II + 24-70 mm | 85 mm f1.8s