THE DESTINATION I LOVE THE MOST: Italy/ PLACES I LOVE TOO: Buzios (Brazil), Mersouga Desert (Morocco), Tiger’s Nest (Bhutan)/ LOVELY PLACES TO STAY IN ITALY: Palazzina Grassi in Venice, Il Palazzetto in Rome, The Place Firenze in Florence/ THE MUSIC: Lilies of the Valley by Jun Miyake, and all love songs/ FASHION HOUSES: Gucci and Chanel/ A SEAT AT THE TABLE: Dinner at The Restaurant Palazzina Grassi / ON MY COFFEE TABLE: History of Beauty by Umberto Eco/ SPORTS HEROE: Roger Federer/ All TIME FAVORITE ARTIST: Michelangelo Buonarroti / PHOTOGRAPHERS I ADMIRE: Annie Leibovitz, Mario Testino, Peter Lindbergh/ THE PERFECT MUSE: Genuine, fearless women/ SCENT OF A PHOTOGRAPHER: Paris-Venise by Chanel/ MY PHOTOGRAPHY GEAR: Nikon Z6II + 24-70 mm | 85 mm f1.8s






A stylish way of mastering your self knowledge. The photographic sessions are a beautiful and artistic way of experiencing the joy of an inner adventure.



In life there is always the possibility of a new understanding of ourselves, and a broader look at everything.



It is all about owning your style, knowing who you are, and what you want to say to the world.



Gift Voucher is a unique two-hour photo session on location with Graziela Gilioli as director and photographer.

“The art of photography is a marvelous journey, and I invite you to join me in this inner adventure.”

 Graziela Gilioli


``I am mostly driven by history, design, art, and the culture of different ways of living. My inspirations come from art films, fashion's history, the Italian way of life (which I truly love), and from the breathtaking places around the world which I had the chance to know.``

Graziela Gilioli

Erika Tiyoko Horduche, obstetrician

Grazi is spectacular! She directed me so well, and made me super comfortable in my first photo shoot. I loved the result. Couldn't have chosen anyone better. It was an amazing experience!

Leonardo Ruivo, dancer and choreographer

In my photographic experience with Graziela, I could see an artistic side that was very different from everything that I experienced throughout my career. I let myself be carried away by her ideas, and I performed those fluid movements she'd come to expect.  She directed me artistically very well.  It was magical!  I'm already ready for more.

Pedro Zaghini, Ashtanga Yoga Student

Grazi has so much sensitivity, and she understands the personality and the style of who she is photographing. That makes us super comfortable and confident. She shoots in a smooth pace and in a joyful way.

Mariana Masseo Rossi, horse doctor and digital creator

It was amazing to be photographed by Grazi, a unique experience! Grazi makes us super comfortable and confident. It was sensational.

Bruna Varga, actor

Working with Grazi was a unique experience! A mix of chic and mysterious. She creates exquisite images which are totally out of the cliché! And she made me feel super comfortable on set, it was one of my favorite photo shootings!

Iris Gimaiel, athlete

I have a lot of affection and good memories from the shooting with Grazi. The location was a paradisiacal beach on the North Coast of São Paulo, a truly breathtaking place. From start to finish, I was directed by Grazi in a way that I felt super comfortable with her, as if we had known each other for years. I'm sure I'll never forget how good I felt about myself in that day. It was the perfect day, and the result was spectacular

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Embark in this photographic journey with Graziela Gilioli as your art director and photographer

Choose the kind of photographic session speaks to you the most, and we will be happy to please you in every way since you step into the studio or on location of your choice.