Agreement for Graziela Gilioli Photography Services

CONTRACTED PARTY: Graziela Gilioli Photography CNPJ: 32899430/0001-83, Address: Rua Marcelino Ritter, 11, ZIPCODE 01246090, São Paulo – SP, cell phone/whatsapp +5511999056090 , e-mail:, website

CONTRACTING PARTY: The client as named in the digital form on the website

CONTRACTED PARTY AND CONTRACTING PARTY enter into this photographic service provision agreement governed by the following clauses:

FIRST CLAUSE: By this contract for the provision of photographic services and in accordance with the law, GRAZIELA GILIOLI PHOTOGRAPHY undertakes to carry out the photographic session at the place and time agreed with the CONTRACTING PARTY through the website

SECOND CLAUSE: The CONTRACTING PARTY must pay to the CONTRACTED PARTY the amount corresponding to the specific photo session as chosen on the website


1) Show up for the work on the day and place designated for the photo session with all necessary equipment for the performance of the work

2) Provide the CONTRACTING PARTY the online access to download the images from the photo session within seven working days after the photo session.

3) Keep the backup of the original image files for six months period


1) Arriving on time at the day and place designated for the photo shoot.

2) Communicate in advance (at least 7 days before the photo shoot) via e-mail to the CONTRACTED PARTY about any change in the schedule such as: date, location or time of photographic service.

The CONTRACTING PARTY must communicate at least one week before the photo session in order to have the right to reschedule the date of the photo shoot to another date within a maximum period of 60 days. If the rescheduling is not done within two months, the CONTRACTED PARTY’s commitment to carry out the photo shoot will be canceled. In that case the deposit payment will not be refunded.

PARAGRAPH ONE: The absence of communication by CONTRACTING PARTY about changes in her/his booking exempts the CONTRACTED PARTY from responsibility in carrying out a photo session on any other data.

PARAGRAPH TWO: If the CONTRACTING PARTY does not show up on the scheduled day, the photo shoot is automatically canceled and the payment in full will not be refunded.

1) For photo sessions outside the city of São Paulo, the cost of transportation must be added, as well as the costs of accommodation and food for the photographer and her team.

2) The full payment on the stipulated dates is mandatory for the CONTRACTED PARTY carry out the work.

SOLE PARAGRAPH: The amount agreeded for the photo sessions does not include any other type of service than that specified in the first clause of this contract.

FIFTH CLAUSE: The CONTRACTING PARTY, hereby expressly authorizes the use of the photographs from his/her photo session for posting on the CONTRACTED PARTY’s website, and on her social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube. CONTRACTING PARTY in this moment also authorizes the release of her/his photographs for the participations in national and international photography contests, photography websites and blogs, and national and international photography exhibitions without any type of compensation.

SIXTH CLAUSE: The termination of this contract will be given by operation of law, in the following cases:

1) Due to the CONTRACTING PARTY default of payment on the stipulated date.

2) The withdrawal by the CONTRACTING PARTY for any personal or professional reason. The CONTRACTED PARTY must be notified via e-mail at least 7 days before of the day scheduled for the photo shoot. Regardless of the reason for the cancellation, the 50% deposit will not be refunded.

3) Due to the occurrence of unforeseeable facts to the CONTRACTED PARTY, such as acts of God or force majeure, which make it impossible to perform the contracted services, such as manufacturing defect of the memory cards; defect in photographic equipment or theft of equipment, accident, collision of the vehicle that is transporting the equipment, and other unforeseen events, in these cases the total amount will be refunded to the CONTRACTING PARTY.

SEVENTH CLAUSE: Any amendment to the terms of this agreement shall be effected by means of an amendment. Verbal agreements do not change the terms of this agreement in any way.

EIGHTH CLAUSE: The district court of São Paulo, Brazil, is elected, to the detriment of any other, however privileged it may be, to resolve any doubts arising from this contract.

NINTH CLAUSE: If the CONTRACTED PARTY needs to resort to the judicial process to obtain its credit, the CONTRACTING PARTY will bear all applicable legal expenses, including attorney fees, these at the rate of 20% (twenty percent), and, in case of amicable collection , also acting as a lawyer, will bear the percentage of 10% (ten percent), as fees, on the amount of the debt.

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